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  • Sensitive Snowflakes What does it mean to be called a sensitive snowflake?  How can a highly sensitive person survive in an overly hostile political environment?
  • 7 Hard Life Lessons for an INFJ When INFJs try too hard to be perfect, they present a false sense of self to the world.  They fail to recognize their own flaws, and in the process fail to be human.
  • Those Kind of Women Why does being called a feminist hold such negative connotations for so many people still today?  How do the subtle messages we get as little girls impact us as highly sensitive women? 
  •  The Intricacies of Introvert Time The reasons why introverts sometimes need more “alone time” with other people even after spending time in each others presence.
  • The INFJ as a Mirror:  How and why we mirror in relationships The reasons, reactions, and repercussions of allowing yourself to become too reflective with a partner.
  • Mental Health Marathon What no one tells you to watch out for when you actually start on the journey of mental health recovery.
  • Digitally Mourning Prince Just because you can say something that doesn’t mean you always should.  Why do people feel it is fine to say things online that they would never dream of saying in person?
  • Mirroring in Relationships: Making the Invisible Visible How highly sensitive persons, empaths, and INFJs often mirror their partners in relationships and end up confused and alone.
  • Raising Sensitive Voices and Introverts Need to Gently Scream How growing up misunderstood as an introvert can lead to feeling invisible and voiceless as an adult.
  • To All the Lonely HSPs It’s not that we don’t like people.  It’s that we don’t like being misunderstood.
  • For When You Forget When you are a highly sensitive person, it’s far too easy to forget that you possess a wonderful gift.  Here are some reminders for when you do forget.
  • On Being Nice When You Can Being highly sensitive isn’t the same thing as being positive, friendly, and kind all the time.  There are times when an HSP can be anything but nice, so many make the most of it when they can.
  • I Will Rain On Your Parade INFJs can get a reputation for being too dark, or too serious.  They aren’t trying to be so heavy.  They are just trying to help, and it pains them deeply when their intentions are so misunderstood.
  • To Love an Empath Do not love an empath lightly.  If you truly love someone that is an empath, then these are some things you will want to know.
  • Unspoken Word Poetry Do we forgive, forget, or flee from the memories of a traumatic experience?
  • Highly Sensitive Superheroes Many highly sensitive persons suffer from depression and anxiety.  It’s not easy experiencing the world amplified, but through fictional characters, we just may find the strength and hope to keep us going.
  • Seasonal Spiraling The holidays are a challenge for HSPs for a variety of reasons, but there are some very special items we would like this season from our loved ones.
  • I Feel Weird It’s Christmas morning.  There is nothing in particular that should be troubling me, yet I am sitting here a bit down feeling just plain weird.  Where do all these emotions come from?
  • Feeling Blue? Some helpful reminders for when you are feeling a little overwhelmed.
  • Gamgwando: A Lesson in Sensitivity Highly sensitive children do not always thrive in an environment of intense competition, as I learned from my daughter’s Tae Kwon Do experience.
  • 6 Sensitivities of HSPs at Halloween There are many reasons why Halloween might be a little overwhelming for an HSP.
  • Highly Sensitive Education How school shootings and the media contributed to a highly sensitive PTSD episode.




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