For When You Forget

Michelle Lynn (HSP SOS)
To My Highly Sensitive Friends
  1. You hurt because you care.
  2. You cannot save the world alone, but it is kind of you to try.
  3. It is impossible to be anyone’s everything, but again, it is kind of you to try.
  4. Not everyone will make sacrifices for you the same way that you do for them.
  5. People that have been hurt don’t always play fair. 
  6. Other people’s outbursts, accusations, and manipulations rarely have anything to do with you.
  7. Wanting more love, affection, and connection does not mean your are out of line or “too needy.”
  8. You can ask for seconds, because you often give more than you get.
  9. We all let people down, so don’t stifle yourself for fear of disappointing someone else.
  10. If you don’t take care of yourself, then you definitely can’t take care of anyone else.
  11. “Bad people” don’t sit around worrying about whether or not they are “bad” all the time.
  12. What is an obvious feeling to you is not always as obvious to everybody else.
  13. There’s no such thing as  being “too much” for the right people.
  14. It takes incredible strength to walk the earth in your sensitive way.
  15. The world needs your empathetic nature now more than ever.
  16. You are part of a minority, but you are not alone.
  17. You are raw. 
  18. You are real.
  19. You are loved.
  20. Please keep this as a reminder for when you forget.

Author, Michelle Lynn, is a podcaster on The Captain’s Pod, and she creates content specifically for HSP’s, empaths, introverts, INFJ’s, and Myers-Briggs enthusiasts.  Her weekly podcast, HSP S.O.S. (Highly Sensitive Persons Supporting Our Sensitivity), can be found on The Captain’s Pod website, The HSP SOS website,  and  Facebook. Also connect with her on Twitter @hsp_sos .



Michelle Lynn is a researcher, educator, author, and podcaster. She appears on HSP SOS and In/Ex Adventures via The Captain's Pod. Areas of focus include Highly Sensitive Persons, introverts, MBTI, INFJs, and empaths.
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